Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Ziggy!

We celebrated Ziggy's birthday yesterday and boy did we live it up big! We made cupcakes for us humans and Ziggy got a special treat with peanut butter on it. We had party hats, Magnolia and David made a banner to hang up and Magnolia made Ziggy several birthday cards. Magnolia even put a candle in her cupcake and blew it out for Ziggy. All in all I am pretty certain Ziggy had a pretty fantastic day thanks to her sister, Magnolia, who LOVES birthdays more than anyone I know!

National Western Stock Show

We went to the National Western Stock Show again this year. It was a ton of fun. Magnolia insisted on wearing her cowgirl hat so she definitely fit in! They have the best little petting area. You get to go in this huge pin where there are goats, pigs, donkeys, sheep, llamas, ducks, and chickens walking around. You get to be right in there with them and just play. It is fantastic! I even got a picture of David petting an animal!!!! Magnolia also got to go on a little train ride, which she loved.

Happy New Year... 3 weeks late!

Whew, where have I been? I cant believe I havent updated this since Christmas! Oops! I guess its easy just to get bogged down with the daily happenings of life and forget to blog!
Anyway, we went ice skating on New Years Day and learned it was going to be a challenge to get our little peanut off the ice! She LOVED it but became very independent very quickly. Once she was on the ice for a few minutes she wanted to do it by herself. She didnt want us anywhere near her and was the happiest when we were on the other side of the ice. We were able to get her to take a few very short breaks but she did not want to leave. She is such a snow bunny! I wish this mommy could stay as warm as Magnolia does in these winter months! I have never seen a child who just doesnt ever seem to get cold like this one!