Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Grammy and Pappa

Grammy and Pappa came this past week for an early Christmas. Despite the very cold and snowy weather we were able to cram a lot of great activities into the week. We went to Chuck E Cheese, where Magnolia had a dream come true... she got cotton candy!! Woohoo! Check that off the bucket list! :) David and I were able to go on a date while Magnolia, grammy and pappa make a gingerbread house. We got to go out for eat and we also got to go on a Polar Express train to see Santa. (More pictures of that coming soon) Another highlight of the week for Magnolia was that she grew money in her ears! After she ate green food pappa would check her ears, and sure enough, there would be some money in there! I sure wish money would grow in my ears after I eat green! What a fun week!

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