Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas dress

Here is a picture of Magnolia before her school program. Doesnt she look beautiful? She picked out this dress all by herself! The day she picked it out I had no intention of buying a dress. Then I watched her look through all the dresses in the store and get excited about how pretty they all were. I couldnt resist. I let her get one. I must say, as much as I am not a dress kind of girl, she just looks adorable in the dress!
She also picked out the headband to wear with it. During her school program her headband fell off and she got very worried. She wasnt able to sing a song because she was to busy trying to figure out what to do about her headband. She finally yelled out "mom!! I cant find my headband!!" After trying to reassure her from the audience she was able to get over it and keep on singing!

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