Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

We had such a fantastic day on Christmas. Magnolia is at such an absolutely perfect age for the real spirit of Christmas! She loved EVERYTHING about Christmas this year and was so much fun on Christmas Day. Here is what she wanted from Santa: a space station, a rocket and cookies for her and Ziggy. (no we did not make her ask for cookies for the dog, that was all on her own!) She was such a good girl this year that Santa gave her all of that plus some extra stuff, including her very own make up, and a doctors kit with pretend glasses. Ziggy also got a new toy that she even played with! (our dog is getting very old and rarely plays anymore so this was a pretty big deal!) We also got Magnolia a bathrobe that she just loves to wear. Magnolia also picked out and wrapped gifts for David and I this year. She was so cute because I think she was more excited to give us our presents than to open any of hers! She was also able to keep it a secret what she got us, which is very impressive. The cutest thing she did say was a couple nights before Christmas. I had said that I would love a water bottle for Christmas every time she asked what I wanted. So, we were all playing a game and she looked at me and said "well mom, you can go ahead and ask Santa for your water bottle because I couldnt find the right one at Target." Ahh, cracked me up! Santa must have been listening because he did bring me a water bottle.
I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!

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