Monday, August 29, 2011

First 14er

Magnolia and I did our first 14er this weekend...which means we went to the top of a mountain that was above 14,000 feet! We went on the highest paved road in North America and then climbed a bit to reach the top. The climb and scenery once we reached the top was spectacular. If you are wondering just how high we were check out the clouds! We were truly almost in them! Amazing! The part that I did not enjoy was the drive, it was very scary! At one point I had tears in my eyes! Magnolia on the other hand thought it was really fun and was not phased by the fact that we were on very steep/winding/bumpy roads that were inches from falling off the side of the mountain! :)
We also have a new photographer in our family. Magnolia has been really into taking pictures and we have posted 2 of them in this post. The one of just me and the one of David and I were taken by our little munchkin!

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