Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lake Cabin

After Duluth Magnolia and I drove David back to Minneapolis so he could catch a flight back home. We were so sad to see him leave and wished that he could stay to play with us. Man that workin stuff just gets in the way of fun! :) After dropping David off we headed to my parents lake cabin for a week of fun. Magnolia LOVED fishing and caught many sunnies and even a few bass. She also loved holding and playing with the worms! I took Magnolia to my favorite ice cream place as a kid where she got the biggest scoop of ice cream I have ever seen! It took her 3 days to eat that scoop! Magnolia was also very into going tubing behind the boat (except at first she wasnt so sure of the water splashing her). I took her once and then Lindsay and Hannah took her on a couple more rides. She also loved riding in the boats and thought she was pretty cool stuff when she got to help pull the rope in from the tube. Another highlight of the trip was getting to go to uncle Matt's farm to meet Cow Thomas and ride on a tractor. You may recall that Magnolia got to name one of Matt's cows this spring and she named it Cow Thomas. We finally got to meet Cow Thomas in person and help give him some corn to eat. Magnolia proudly wore her Cow Thomas shirt that Matt and Sus gave her for her birthday for the big event. What a fun week we had in Minnesota (except for the humidity!!!) I sure hope we can make this trip to Minnesota an annual event!

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