Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lake Cabin

After Duluth Magnolia and I drove David back to Minneapolis so he could catch a flight back home. We were so sad to see him leave and wished that he could stay to play with us. Man that workin stuff just gets in the way of fun! :) After dropping David off we headed to my parents lake cabin for a week of fun. Magnolia LOVED fishing and caught many sunnies and even a few bass. She also loved holding and playing with the worms! I took Magnolia to my favorite ice cream place as a kid where she got the biggest scoop of ice cream I have ever seen! It took her 3 days to eat that scoop! Magnolia was also very into going tubing behind the boat (except at first she wasnt so sure of the water splashing her). I took her once and then Lindsay and Hannah took her on a couple more rides. She also loved riding in the boats and thought she was pretty cool stuff when she got to help pull the rope in from the tube. Another highlight of the trip was getting to go to uncle Matt's farm to meet Cow Thomas and ride on a tractor. You may recall that Magnolia got to name one of Matt's cows this spring and she named it Cow Thomas. We finally got to meet Cow Thomas in person and help give him some corn to eat. Magnolia proudly wore her Cow Thomas shirt that Matt and Sus gave her for her birthday for the big event. What a fun week we had in Minnesota (except for the humidity!!!) I sure hope we can make this trip to Minnesota an annual event!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Magnolia, David and I went to Duluth for a fantastic weekend. We stayed with my aunt, uncle and cousins. We managed to stay very busy the whole trip. It was so much fun that I wish we could have stayed a few more days! We went kayaking in the pond behind their house. Magnolia was very anxious to get in but was not overly happy when she realized that she didnt get to go all by herself! Thankfully she got over that and had a blast paddling around looking for turtles. Magnolia also got to go down to the chicken coop every morning to see if there were eggs. She thought she was pretty darn cool and LOVED the taste of fresh eggs for breakfast! Our little rock climbing girl got to test out her skills and climb a new wall. We also got to go down to the lake and have a malt and throw rocks into "that HUGE HUGE lake." The grand finale of the trip was going to ride Teresa's horse! Magnolia took in the whole experience and was all business while on the horse. A huge thank you to the Delp family for making our trip to Duluth so wonderful! We love you and cant wait to come back!

*As a side note... we were also very lucky enough to see David's brother and his family but unfortunately I forgot my camera when we were with them. I will hopefully get a copy of some pictures soon that I can put on the blog.*

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Berries with Bella

We had a fun filled day picking strawberries with Kate and Bella. Magnolia was very determined to fill up her container and I am pretty sure she could have done it all day! These girls are just so darn cute together!

4th of July

Our neighborhood had their annual 4th of July bike parade. It was a real hit in Magnolia's book! This was the first year that she was excited to do it. She helped David decorate her bike and then headed down to meet up with her friend Sofi for the parade. All the kids got a popsicle at the end of the route, which was a perfect treat for such a warm morning!

Skiing and swimming

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This past weekend was a very exciting weekend. Not only was it 4th of July but we got to do something very unique to Colorado. In the morning we went into the mountains to play in the snow and watch David ski. In the afternoon we came home and went swimming in the outdoor pool. Crazy huh?! While in the mountains we stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate and got Magnolia a very special treat. I must admit, that the swimming pictures were taken the next day when Tate came to swim.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mariah, Ryan and Gus

We were so very lucky last week and had Mariah, Ryan and Gus come and visit us on their way to California. We learned that Magnolia is on the scared side when it comes to big dogs so we had to work really hard to get her in the same room. Thank goodness Gus is a sweet and loving dog that was very patient with Magnolia. Thanks to Mariah and Ryan for making our house as one of your stops as you traveled west!

Momo and Grandpa

Momo and grandpa were here last weekend and were able to come for Magnolia's birthday party. They were on a layover going home from Vegas so they werent here very long... but we did make the most out of every moment! Our neighborhood had a concert so we were able to walk down to that and dance the night away. The funniest part was Magnolia got tattoos for her birthday and insisted on putting one on her ankle so she could be like her momo. What a fun 24 hours!