Monday, May 30, 2011

Camping camping camping!

We went camping this weekend with Scott, Heidi and Will at Garden Of The Gods. It was pretty much perfect! Magnolia, Ziggy, David and I all packed into the jeep and off we went for a fun adventure! Last weekend we bought a new tent (David was not sure if it would be big enough... it had 3 rooms...) a sleeping bag for Magnolia, camping chairs and a lantern. Magnolia could barely sleep all week in anticipation of the big camping trip. She LOVED LOVED LOVED camping! She slept like a rockstar and had tons of fun playing with Will and using her new flashlight. The highlight of her trip was eating a smore. She was so excited to have a campfire and roast marshmallows. When we got to our site however, we learned that we could not have campfires because of the high risk of forest fires. Thanks to Scott we found some other more experiences campers who had brought with a little gas "fire pit" of their own. They were so nice to let Magnolia and Will roast their marshmallows and make their smores. Mmm were they ever yummy! This was such a great time and I am sure we will be posting more camping pictures in the future!

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