Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Magnolia had a fantastic Easter weekend. On Saturday she had a couple egg hunts that she loved. Yesterday the Easter bunny brought Magnolia a very special Easter basket, which included a new scooter! We are now just waiting for it to warm up and stop raining so we can go outside and ride it! Thank goodness we have wood floors so she can ride it a bit inside!
For our Easter dinner we went over to our friends Scott, Heidi and Will's house. Magnolia was in heaven because they had ham! This child of ours ate 4 pieces!! She has been waiting for weeks to go over and eat some ham so she was one happy camper! We also got to see David's god parents(John and Jo) over there, which is always a fun time. Magnolia got some planting toys from John and Jo so as soon as it warms up we will be getting some flowers to plant. Thank you Scott and Heidi for having us over and making our child so happy by having ham!!!

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