Monday, March 7, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

Well... we did it... we took Magnolia to Chuck E Cheese. If you are reading this and have not been to Chuck E Cheese you should definitely put it on your bucket list. It is a place that I can not put into words, and you must experience for yourself! ;)
Magnolia had SO much fun and truly loved every minute that she was there. And really, whats not to love? Games, music, lights, food, people, lots of people... Ah so fun! When we got home from our fun adventure I was laying on the floor just taking a little breather. Magnolia comes and sits next to me and asks me to sing and do ring around the rosie. I told her that I needed to take a little break and didnt want any stimulus for one minute. She then looks at me and says "You old mommy?" Umm... yes. I guess I am officially old! :)

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