Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Bella!

Magnolia had a birthday party today and whew, was it fun! It was a cowgirl themed party for her friend Bella... with real ponies and everything! It was so cute... the horses were in our side yard because Bella lives right by us. When David got Magnolia up from nap he told her that there was a surprise in her yard. When she went to look out the window she couldnt believe that there were horses and could not get out the door fast enough to see them! Magnolia LOVED the horses and was able to ride them 4 times. I am pretty sure she would have rode it all night if she was allowed! The kids also able to put bows and ribbons in the pony's mane to make it look extra pretty. Magnolia was so sweet and even let the horse wear her cowgirl hat! I am pretty sure that after today Magnolia might need a little pony... now we just need to convince her daddy...

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