Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

We had such a fantastic day on Christmas. Magnolia is at such an absolutely perfect age for the real spirit of Christmas! She loved EVERYTHING about Christmas this year and was so much fun on Christmas Day. Here is what she wanted from Santa: a space station, a rocket and cookies for her and Ziggy. (no we did not make her ask for cookies for the dog, that was all on her own!) She was such a good girl this year that Santa gave her all of that plus some extra stuff, including her very own make up, and a doctors kit with pretend glasses. Ziggy also got a new toy that she even played with! (our dog is getting very old and rarely plays anymore so this was a pretty big deal!) We also got Magnolia a bathrobe that she just loves to wear. Magnolia also picked out and wrapped gifts for David and I this year. She was so cute because I think she was more excited to give us our presents than to open any of hers! She was also able to keep it a secret what she got us, which is very impressive. The cutest thing she did say was a couple nights before Christmas. I had said that I would love a water bottle for Christmas every time she asked what I wanted. So, we were all playing a game and she looked at me and said "well mom, you can go ahead and ask Santa for your water bottle because I couldnt find the right one at Target." Ahh, cracked me up! Santa must have been listening because he did bring me a water bottle.
I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!

Getting ready for Santa

Magnolia had a lot to do before going to bed on Christmas Eve. She had to make Santa a card, sprinkle special food out on the snow and get Santa some milk and cookies. After all of her chores were done we all snuggled on the couch and read Christmas books before going to bed.

Christmas Eve Day

We took Magnolia skiing on Christmas Eve day. It was a very fun day... Santa was out skiing, there was the mascot of the ski hill out giving high fives to the kids, and of course lots of skiing. Magnolia went on the bunny hill one time and then said she was ready for the chairlift. Off her and David went on the chairlift! Such a big girl! We also had a great time eating our lunch and warming up in the chalet.


Here is what I opened the door to last week! We definitely had a white Christmas in Colorado!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Writing her name

Magnolia and I have been working very hard learning to write her name. Here is what it looks like right now. I must admit, I am very proud! Yes, I guess this is kind of a bragging blog entry. Sorry! :)

Christmas dress

Here is a picture of Magnolia before her school program. Doesnt she look beautiful? She picked out this dress all by herself! The day she picked it out I had no intention of buying a dress. Then I watched her look through all the dresses in the store and get excited about how pretty they all were. I couldnt resist. I let her get one. I must say, as much as I am not a dress kind of girl, she just looks adorable in the dress!
She also picked out the headband to wear with it. During her school program her headband fell off and she got very worried. She wasnt able to sing a song because she was to busy trying to figure out what to do about her headband. She finally yelled out "mom!! I cant find my headband!!" After trying to reassure her from the audience she was able to get over it and keep on singing!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jingle Bells

Here is a song from Magnolia's school Christmas program.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Magnolia the artist

Here is Magnolia's latest drawing of a person. It is so fun to see how she seems to add a little bit more to her drawings each week!

Neighborhood Christmas Party

This past weekend our neighborhood had their annual Kids Christmas party. It was so fun! We were one of the first people to get there and man oh man was Magnolia one lucky girl that night. We were standing in the hallway and she spotted Santa just coming in. She very politely tugged on my shirt and said "mom! Look over there! I see someone special!" I looked and saw Santa just smiling at her. He must have heard her because he came up to here and asked if she wanted to be his special helper. He took her hand and put a bell in it and told her to ring it. She then got to walk hand in hand with Santa into the room where everyone was waiting. She got to be the first one to sit on his lap and they just really chatted it up! Let me tell you, she was on cloud nine! After that we went and did some crafts and then were able to go on a horse drawn wagon ride around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. It was perfect. Nice night with a little chill in the air but not cold. We then went in, got some apple cidar and went and picked up some pizza from our local pizza place and walked home. The spirit of Christmas was going strong that night!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Polar Express

On Sunday we went into the mountains to Georgetown for a Polar Express adventure. We were able to chat with Santa before getting on the train... where I must admit... we got the cutest picture of Magnolia with Santa! While on the train Mrs. Claus gave us cookies, Santa gave Magnolia a bell, we got candy canes and the conductor even came around and punched our tickets. Magnolia loved every moment and talks about that adventure constantly! Grammy and Pappa bought her a pink conductor hat which she wore for most of the morning. Cute!

Grammy and Pappa

Grammy and Pappa came this past week for an early Christmas. Despite the very cold and snowy weather we were able to cram a lot of great activities into the week. We went to Chuck E Cheese, where Magnolia had a dream come true... she got cotton candy!! Woohoo! Check that off the bucket list! :) David and I were able to go on a date while Magnolia, grammy and pappa make a gingerbread house. We got to go out for eat and we also got to go on a Polar Express train to see Santa. (More pictures of that coming soon) Another highlight of the week for Magnolia was that she grew money in her ears! After she ate green food pappa would check her ears, and sure enough, there would be some money in there! I sure wish money would grow in my ears after I eat green! What a fun week!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The look-a-likes

Magnolia got her baby all ready to go outside and insisted that she wear the same outfit. Here is a picture of what she came up with for her and baby!

Magnolia's Christmas Tree

We bought Magnolia her very own Christmas tree this year. David and I are very particular about our Christmas tree and what goes on it. We decided this year that it isnt very fair to Magnolia to have such an adult looking Christmas tree so we got her one of her own. She had so much fun picking out the tree that she wanted and decorating it with "fun" ornaments. She even picked out a bright pink glittery star to put on the top. We put her tree in her play room so she can look at it all the time. We have also found that Ziggy also loves the tree and usually goes up there to take her naps.