Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We had a very wonderful Christmas this year. It was a very low key day in our pajamas and then over to our neighbors house in the evening for dessert. The only thing that Magnolia wanted Santa to bring her was cookies. The very first time someone asked her what she wanted she said cookies, and she never changed that idea the entire holiday season. As soon as she saw the cookies he brought her Christmas was complete and she didnt need anything else! I am pretty sure Santa would love it if the only thing she ever asks for is cookies! :)
It is also official to say that Magnolia LOVES to savor things. She did not want her Christmas to end so did everything in her power to make it last. I do believe she holds the record for the slowest child to open presents! She averaged one an hour! She would open it and then play hard with it until we encouraged her to open up another gift. She was so slow that we didnt finish gift opening until yesterday! It was so cute to truly enjoy every gift that she got and savor Christmas Day!

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