Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a fantastic day just hanging out and spending time as a family. I would like to take a moment and say what I am thankful for. I am extremely thankful for all of our friends and family. I know that we live far away from our families but you are in our thought and hearts daily. I am also very thankful for Magnolia who makes me smile and laugh on an hourly basis. I am so thankful that I get to be a stay at home mom and spend everyday with my little peanut. I love that I get to look at life through a 2 year olds life and enjoy the things most adults miss... like pretty leaves on the ground, an ant carrying a crumb, seeing and understanding who Santa is for the first time, the condensation on the windows when cooking noodles, the moon, coloring with crayons... I could go on all day! I am thankful for David, who supports and loves me unconditionally... even when he comes home and wants quiet and all I want is to talk and have adult conversation!

Happy Birthday!

David's birthday was yesterday. Magnolia had been talking about it for weeks and was so excited to help him open presents and blow out the candles. I have learned that she is officially in the age of not keeping a secret. She told David many times that we got him slippers (for some reason that was the one present she was excited about). Lucky for me David did not understand what she was saying to him (or he did a fantastic job of pretending not to understand!). Happy Birthday to the man we love!

Ice skating

We took Magnolia ice skating for the first time last weekend. She had been talking about ice skating and wanting to do it for several weeks so it was the perfect time to go. She had a great time trying and also got to get pulled around in a sled for a bit. I am pretty darn sure we have a girl that loves anything winter!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Skiing at Copper Mountain

Magnolia went skiing for the first time this weekend. She LOVE LOVE LOVED it! We were only going to go one day but she had so much fun that we ended up going back for a second day. This video shows Magnolia riding up the hill on the "magic carpet" and then skiing down like a big girl.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Magnolia the Purple Fairy

Magnolia and Ziggy dressed up as fairies for Halloween this year. Magnolia was a purple one and Pug was a pink one. I honestly dont think it can get much more adorable than this!

Orange Dinner

We had all of Magnolia's friends (and their parents) over on Halloween for our annual Orange Dinner. In case you have not heard of our event it is where you can only eat orange food. Our menu included: Buffalo chicken dip, cheese/crackers, carrots, BBQ sandwiches, cheesey potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruit salad, pumpkin dessert, pumpkin cookies and orange punch. All of the kids were great and it was so much fun to see all of their costumes! Thank you to my mom for helping cook all of the food and to my dad who entertained Magnolia at the park all morning so we could get ready!


Magnolia went trick-or-treating with Tate after our Orange Dinner. They made such a great team! They even learned that it is better to trick or treat if you have a sucker to eat in between houses!

Pumpkin carving

Magnolia got to carve her first pumpkin on Saturday. I thought she might be a little bit shy when it came to reaching in and pulling out the slimy insides... wrong! She loved it! I then realized that it was her daddy that didnt want to reach in it! :)
Side note: I am realizing that we are wearing a lot of Oklahoma shirts in our blog pictures lately... I guess we take most of our pics on Saturdays and since Saturdays in the fall are OU football days in our house, that would explain our outfits!

Baby Liam

Last week our friend Jeanette and her 5 month old, Liam, came to visit us from MN. Magnolia was SO excited for them to come. She helped wash toys and get everything set for baby Liam. She adores babies and talked about him coming for weeks beforehand. She had so much fun feeding him, holding him and getting him LOTS and LOTS of toys. We were very busy the whole time they were here so I will try to post a slide show of all of the fun soon. I will just post the cutest pictures for now but dont worry, there will be more to come! Thank you to Jeanette and Liam for coming to visit! You guys are the best!