Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting dressed all by ourselves!

Magnolia has been very into picking out her outfits and getting dresses by herself. This is one of the outfits that she picked! David and I were sitting downstairs and asked her to go up and pick out some clothes and bring them to us. She was up there a very long time and we could hear her working very hard. When she came down the steps this is how she looked!

Air Show

We took Magnolia to an air show this weekend and she loved it! She is so into airplanes so when we found out there was an air show just a few miles from our house we headed out the door. Magnolia was so excited and the faster/louder the better. There were some VERY loud fighter jets the first night that we went. Every time they would go by Magnolia would get a chill throughout her whole body and then laugh and laugh and laugh. We ended the night by stopping at Sonic and splitting a malt. What a fun family outing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ring Around The Rosie with PUG!

After teaching Baby how to do Ring Around The Rosie the next one who needed to learn how to do it was Ziggy! Here is pug in her debut appearance of Ring Around The Rosie! :) I love Magnolia's little laugh in this video!

Ring Around The Rosie with baby

Magnolia loves Ring Around The Rosie and last night she taught her baby how to do it too!

Summer concert

We had a concert in our neighborhood on Saturday night. Mary, Nick and Tate came up for it so Magnolia had a dance partner. Magnolia and Tate had so much fun. Tate tried to teach Magnolia a new dance move, he was all about dancing on his head! Sofi was also at the concert so the three little kids danced the night away! We had such perfect weather for the evening and fun was had by all. It is just hard to believe summer is almost over!

Friday, August 20, 2010


We learned this week that Magnolia is a gymnastics rock-star! I took her to a gym on Monday and was amazed by how strong she is and what great balance she has! (she really takes after her mom! ha ha)

Anniversary Weekend

Last weekend David and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. We decided to take Magnolia into the mountains for a special over-night. We spent the night in Vail and played around by a creek. On Saturday we went to Glenwood Springs and took Magnolia to a hot springs pool. Magnolia absolutely loved the pool and could have spent all weekend there! I think we wore the girl out because she slept the whole way home!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Family from Duluth

We had such a fantastic weekend this past weekend. My aunt and cousin came for a visit from Duluth. We had an absolute blast and it was so fun to see Magnolia get to know her relatives. We have not been able to spend much time with them since Magnolia was born so it was really special to me that they came for a visit. Magnolia adored Sydney and was very sad when I got back from dropping them off at the airport and she realized that Syd and Teresa werent with me. Thank you Teresa and Sydney for coming out. We had such a great time and wish it could have been longer!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Daddy's socks and mommy's shoes

Magnolia has been into dressing herself and trying on anything she can get her hands on. She loves wearing our shoes around the house and even put on her daddy's socks one night. I am amazed by the patients this little girl has sometimes. She will sit and work forever trying to get one pair of pants on! Good thing I am a stay at home because I think I would be late or have huge fights most mornings because of this issue! Ahh, I do love my determined child! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Magnolia has started swimming lessons, and the girl can now swim like a fish! After the first lesson she was a whole new girl... filled with confidence and a "go-get 'em" attitude! She gets to have swimming lessons with David so it is a nice daddy-daughter time.