Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Birthday

My birthday was on Saturday and once again Magnolia and David treated me like a queen! We went to Boulder and walked around in the morning and had some Indian food for lunch. When we got home David surprised me and sent me off to an afternoon at the spa... so relaxing!!! After that Scott, Heidi and Will came over so that we could go to a concert in our neighborhood and let the kids dance the night away. I am pretty sure the day could not have been any more perfect! Magnolia loved helping me open my gifts. She was SO excited when I opened up the card from her and her present. She got me a pink Minnesota Twins visor that works perfect when we go to the pool. How did she ever know that I have wanted one of those for about 6 years now? She must have an amazing daddy who let her in on the secret! :)

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Ron and Debbie said...

It sounds like a fabulous day! I am so glad!