Monday, June 28, 2010

The Official Day

I have had the hardest time getting these pictures to upload! Sorry they are a week late!
Here are some pictures of Magnolia's actual birth day. It was a pretty low-key day. David took the day off so the 3 of us got to spend the day together. Magnolia got a new kick board for the pool so we went swimming in the morning. In the afternoon we went down to the coffee shop and had some ice cream. That special treat was followed by some cake later in the the evening. Magnolia thought she was the luckiest girl in the world to have ice cream AND cake in the same day!
Happy Birthday to my little munchkin! I cant believe how fast she is growing! She is such an amazing little girl with the brightest twinkle in her eye. We are so lucky that we have such a healthy, smart and funny little girl! I am truly thankful every day for my little miss Magnolia Claire!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy Day!

Happy Fathers Day to the man I love and adore and to the most amazing daddy I have ever seen! Magnolia is the luckiest girl around to have such a great daddy! We celebrated Father's Day yesterday because of Magnolia's birthday party. We had a great day and Magnolia got to wear a new shirt that we bought just for this special day!
I am in the process of making a slide show of my favorite pictures of Magnolia and David but the internet is very slow and it is taking forever to upload the pics!

Happy Birthday Magnolia!

Magnolia had the best birthday party today. She had all of her friends here and was in heaven! They all went swimming and then came back here to have pizza and cupcakes. Here is a video of Magnolia when we sang happy birthday.Magnolia is just the cutest in this video. I love how she nods her head while everyone is singing! We also were amazed by the fact that she just bent down and blew out her candle. We didnt even know she knew how to do that! Love it! I am trying to get some pictures of the party uploaded but am having some problems... will get them up asap!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Magnolia got a new basketball hoop for her birthday from her grammy and pappa. She loved watching basketball with pappa when he was here so it was only fitting that she got a big hoop and ball from him! She is a basketball pro and loves to shout "HOORAY!!!" when she makes a basket.

Water Fun with Bella

We had a great afternoon playing in the front yard with lots and lots of water and Bella. We blew up Magnolia's baby pool from last year and Bella brought over her water table and did we ever have a blast!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pool is open!

Our pool opened this weekend and boy oh boy was Magnolia excited! She talks about the pool every time we drive by it (which is usually a couple times a day!) so now that it is open she is just beside herself! We bought her a new floaty for the pool which she now has to hug and kiss every time we are in the garage (again... several times a day!) Hooray for summertime and many more hours spent at the pool!

Early Birthday Party

David's parents came out here last week to watch Magnolia so that I could go to Sioux Falls and take care of my mom after her surgery. I am sorry but David was in charge of the camera while they were here so there were not any pictures of the week! Before I left Magnolia got to open her birthday presents from grammy and pappy. She was so excited, she got a new baby! This girl loves taking care of her babies and is now in her glory now that she has a new one! Thank you to Bob and Francyne for taking such great care of Magnolia while I was gone!


I guess it is time for me to finally catch up on the blog! It has been a very busy few weeks and I apologize for not keeping this up to date! Magnolia and I went to the zoo a few weeks back with our neighbors. Magnolia had a great time with Bella and loved Bella's cousin, Madox as well.