Monday, April 19, 2010

Turtle Time

Magnolia got a very special treat this weekend. She got her very own turtle sandbox! (Well, I guess I cant say that it is her very own because Ziggy also seems to really like to sit by it!) We have a perfect spot on our porch that will be nice and shady for Mr. Turtle. I am hoping that Magnolia will have many hours of fun playing in it this summer. We were also able to grill some turkey dogs and eat out on our patio yesterday. It was such a perfect day. I think we were outside enjoying the wonderful spring air all day! I even have a sunburn to prove it! :) Dont worry, we were smart enough to put sunscreen on Magnolia, just forgot about myself! What a fun family day we had yesterday. I just love being a mom and having a wonderful husband to share it with!

Funny story: I have been slacking on my funny stories lately, but this is a good one. Magnolia is obsessed with daddy going to work and we talk about it many many many times a day. So the other day I was hauling up a laundry basket of clean clothes and Magnolia decided that she wanted to help. So she took one end, I took the other end and we headed up the steps. If you havent figured it out by now, we have a little drama queen on our hands. So, with every step she grunted and groaned like this was the hardest thing she has ever done. She finally plopped down on a step looked up at me and said "Mamma and Lala (that is what she calls herself) at work!!!" And then she let out a "WHEW!!!" She was so adorable. I instantly started to belly laugh as she proceeded to stand back up, lift the basket back up, grunt and groan, and tried to get the basket up another step. Such a funny girl!

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