Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just another ordinary day

My aunt and I were talking about the ordinary days that you have with kids, and how important it is to treasure those days because time goes by so fast. So, here are some pictures of just an ordinary day of dress-up. The ballet outfit is new, but Magnolia usually plays dress up most mornings. Usually its with hats, necklaces, sunglasses and shirts that she can put on by herself. I do treasure my ordinary days and truly feel like I am the luckiest person in the world because I get to stay at home with Magnolia.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Will!

Magnolia's best little buddy turned 1 last week and we were so lucky enough to go to his party. We ate some wonderful lasagna that Heidi made and Magnolia ate lots and lots of salad. I have never seen a little kid love salads as much as she does! We got to sing Happy Birthday and then watch Will eat his first piece of cake. Magnolia tried to show him how to eat it as clean as possible, but Will thought it would be much more fun to dive right in! I love the first picture of Magnolia and Will... their expressions are fantastic. They sure do love each other!

Funny story: We made the mistake of letting Magnolia watch a new signing time video one time without us. The next day Will was here and he brings a little tent to sleep in. Magnolia looked at the tent and got so excited and making a new sign at me. I was not sure what she was doing but she continued to point at the tent and do the sign. We were both getting very frustrated because I could not figure out what she was doing. I then thought maybe she was signing tent, but I didnt think she knew that sign. I went to the computer, looked it up on line, and sure enough, she was signing tent!! That will be the last time that we let her watch a new video without us!

Happy Birthday Bella!

Magnolia went to her friend Bella's birthday party today. It was very pink and very cute!! Sofi was also there so the three musketeers had so much fun playing and eating lots of sugar! So much fun to see Magnolia with her friends!

Funny story of the day: We have a charger that we set Magnolia's baby monitor in to charge when we are not using it. Yesterday I went to get the monitor and noticed that it wasn't there. Some little girl had taken the monitor off its base and replace it with her pretend cell phone! It was so funny to see her little phone getting charged! It is so amazing to see how observant she is! I guess she sees us charge our phones everyday so why shouldnt she charge hers?!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to you all! Thank you for giving Magnolia so much love everyday! I love sharing pictures and stories about my little peanut and am so happy that you check out the blog! We love you all!!

We had a great Valentines Day. Magnolia got a few special presents today including new necklaces, ballet slippers, purse and a big pink ball. Ahh, such a girly-girl! After she opened the presents we went to an indoor play place to let Magnolia burn off a little energy. She did great! She loved climbing, sliding and showing us just how big she is.

Here is a picture that Magnolia made for David. She worked for three days on this masterpiece! Hopefully he loves it as much as she loved making it! She got to have a bath three mornings in a row this week because she loved putting the paint in her hair, ears and the back of her neck. :)

I would just like to take a moment to say how much I love David and Magnolia. I am not sure where I would be if I didnt have them. They make me laugh on a daily basis and definitely remind me many times a day what is important in life. "All you need is love" is such a fantastic saying and I truly believe it. I love them more than they will ever know and am so grateful to have them. Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Finger Paint Fun

Magnolia finger painted for the first time this week. She is a natural born artist! She even painted the back of her neck when I wasnt looking!

Funny story of the day: Magnolia and I were upstairs playing and I ran downstairs for two minutes so that I could put a load of laundry in. When I went back up it was quiet! I looked all over for little miss but could not find her. I started to get a little worried and was calling out her name. No noise, no response, nothing! I then used her full name and yelled "MAGNOLIA CLAIRE MAKI, WHERE ARE YOU??" All of the sudden I hear a little giggle and her closet door slides open, a little face peeked out and then she laughed and laughed and laughed! That was the first time she has hidden in her closet and she now thinks that it is super funny to do that all the time!