Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grammy and Pappa

Let me first apologize that I have been such a slacker on updating Magnolia's blog. Mags has been fighting a cold this week so she has needed extra cuddle and snuggle time!
David's parents were able to come out last week for some Christmas fun. Magnolia had a blast showing them all of her new tricks and saying "Hi Pappa!" She got to have a jump start and open some Christmas presents early. Grammy made Magnolia an amazing Brown Bear quilt that Magnolia just loves. She has so much fun finding all the different animals on it. She also got a puzzle that is her name. She is so cute because whenever she has the letter "i" we say "thats the letter 'i'" She then proceeds to put it next to her eye! I tell you, the English language is so hard to understand!
Magnolia was also able to show them how much she loves the snow! Her daddy bought her an inflatable tube to ride in so her, pappa and David went out and played. Magnolia sure does love having company... especially family!

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