Monday, September 1, 2008

Sockless In Seattle

We took Magnolia on her first trip out of state this weekend.  We flew to Seattle and she did great! She barely made a peep on both flights!  David and I are both very excited that we have a little travel bug.  We did learn that we now need to bring a lot more stuff when we travel and need to allow for a ton of extra time.  The days of carrying on our luggage is officially over!  We went to Pikes Market and watched them throw/catch the fish, went to the original Starbucks and just hung out in the nice cool weather.  David showed Magnolia how to properly eat a crab cake and not eat it in one bite like I  do.  All in all it was a great trip.  The only mishap was that Magnolia lost a sock while we were walking around the the market!

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Ron and Debbie said...

Ohhh. How I wish I could have gone! Great Job Maggie on your first trip! With parents like yours, you need to get use to the traveling! I miss you two!!!