Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First full day home

We made it through the first day of being at home! It was a wonderful day... 8 poopy diapers and a sponge bath.  Maggie does not seem to need much sleep, she is wide awake all night and takes just little naps during the day. I should have known this would be the case when David is her dad and she never slept at night while she was in my tummy! She loved her "bath" and was able to check out her room and all of the things we have bought for her over the past few months! She seems to be much happier at home than in the hospital. Maggie is getting very excited to meet her "big sister" Ziggy on Saturday.  Ziggy has been at the farm enjoying a little vacation while I get healed and we all get settled.  

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Ron and Debbie said...

Yea Kristin, Maggie, David and Ziggy! We are so glad you are home! Congratulations! She is just perfect!