Thursday, March 30, 2017


We were so very lucky and were able to take an amazing vacation to Mexico a couple weeks ago! Warmth, sunshine, sand, and the loves of my life... can't get any better than that! We had a crazy day trying to get there but it was totally worth it in the end. We sat on the airplane on the ground in Minneapolis for 5 1/2 hours. They then de-boarded us back into the airport for a couple of hours and then back on the plane. Once we finally took off Magnolia threw up all over when we got up in the air. Keegan peed his pants and spilled an entire glass of ginger ale. Boy did we smell good when we got off that flight! Ha ha! I am pretty certain that trip made us appreciate and love every minute that we were down in Mexico! Both kids LOVED the ocean! Keegan had a blast swimming with the fish and Magnolia was lucky enough to see a sea turtle while snorkeling with David. Another favorite for both kids (and lets be honest... I loved it too!) was the swim up bar in the swimming pool! They were able to swim up, get a smoothy and then lounge in the pool with their drinks! Another favorite for Magnolia was getting her hair braided! We also saw dolphins, swam some more and just hung out as a family! The best part for me was that we were completely free from phones, e mails, tv, internet, texts and all other screens. At night we played card games and truly enjoyed having David around for so many days in a row and not having to share him with his work!

Monday, June 6, 2016

First School Project

Magnolia had her first (of many to come) school project this spring. They had to pick an animal, research it and then present to the class. Magnolia picked Manatees and did such an amazing job!

Hazel Nut Mae Maki

Here she is! Ms Hazel Nut Mae Maki! I don't think we could have gotten a cuter pup!